Evolution of Pop in Concert

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EPIC: A hand picked collaboration of musical forces, who have skillfully fused generations of the best in dance/pop music resulting in a dance party that is simply....EPIC!  


As lovers of the wildly eclectic musical styles the 80/90's had to offer, from DancePop to HipHop, nobody unites the music from Past and Present, like this band! Using a DJ mash-up style with only the best Dance, Pop and Party Rock music, EPIC creates a party vibe with an energy that is Epic-ly contagious.


Reinventing the typical "Dinner Set", if your event requires something a little more laid back, EPIC can ease in to the evening with a trendy "unplugged" approach, then… kick it up a few notches, delivering a high-octane show that will keep you on the dance floor, singing along.  From Mariah Carey to Vanilla Ice, and Rihanna to Bruno Mars, there is no doubt .... YOU need to get ready for an event of EPIC proportions!  Guaranteed!!!

EPIC - 2015 Teaser Reel
"Treasure" - Live! @ Walt Disney World

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